32 Weeks!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Forgive the quality of the picture. I'm just still patting myself on the back for doing my hair today. I'm 32 weeks and 1 day, and I thought it was time that I quickly documented how things are going. Even though this pregnancy has been looooooong, I also cannot believe I have a maximum of 6 weeks left! Crazy!

* I have grown out of most of my maternity clothes by now. This should get interesting.
* Baby girl keeps flipping from breach to head down (boy has always been head down). At this point I am just expecting a C-section, and if something changes last minute it will be a nice perk.
* I feel movement almost all day long. It's really fun. When they both have hiccups I feel like there is an earthquake inside of me.
* These babies are seriously IN my ribs. Sometimes I feel kicks in the back part of my ribs, which really hurts my back. I still get comments like "you are so small! I can't believe there are two in there!" These comments get kind of annoying because believe me, there are two in there. I want to say "I wish I was popping out further so they weren't jammed up in my rib cage." Discomfort aside, it's still a miracle.
* I had to stop wearing my fat, fake wedding ring last week. I gave up on my real ring in June. But it was a bit depressing when the fat ring no longer fit.
* The nursery is coming along! Just some last minute touches here and there and I will be set.
* I. Am. Exhuasted. A lot of twin moms get put on bed rest which I have been fortunate to avoid thus far. However, sometimes I wish I was prescribed bed rest so I had an excuse to be laying down all day. I am still working both my jobs (accounting and piano teaching) pretty much the same amount of time I was before I was pregnant. I have also maintained my calling as 1st counselor in the Young Womens' organization (a group for youth ages 12-18) in my church. We'll see how much longer all of that lasts.
* Still no set names.
* Sleeping? Not really happening.
* I go back and forth between getting extremely excited to meet my two little babies and extremely terrified that I will be a mom to two newborns. Like I know how to keep two newborns alive! :)

At the end of the day, I am just so grateful that both babies are healthy and I've made it this far. I'm trying to take it day-by-day, and you know what? It's working. :)


Jessy Carlisle said...

I think you look so great!!! I know you can totally tell us there are 2 in there, but girlfriend, you make it look easy (even though I'm sure it's not). I'm so so so so excited for you!!! I can't wait for the nursery pics!

Jessica Holly said...

you look great Camille! I remember the no sleeping bit...I think it's God's way of helping us wish for babies and waking up in the middle of the night if we can only GO BACK TO SLEEP when we want to! HA!

Reeve family said...

You look great!!!

Andi Fitz said...

Fun update! You are almost there!! And you look so cute! Post pictures of the nursery soon!

Angela Joy said...

You will be a wonderful Mom! Can't wait.

Rachel and Jason said...

So CUTE! Thanks for the update. I've been waiting for one.

Rachel and Jason said...

PS. I feel you on the YW/working front. I'm 1st counselor in our ward, too. Not sure how you're doing it, lady! Keep on keepin' on. You're almost there!!