Trinity Lake, Round 3

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

About a month ago we went on our third annual trip to Trinity Lake, a remote and gorgeous lake in the Shasta National Forest in Northern California. I look forward to this trip all year long. It's my favorite! We are disconnected from everything spending the days as we please - fun is definitely had by all. This year I couldn't really do, well, anything, but I still loved every second of it. 

*All pictures are taken by Bella Torgerson - thanks Bella! You rock behind the lens.

Glass. A skiier's dream.

This guy obviously stole the show pretty much all week. He loved the boat!

Go Russ!

Captain of the boat.

My bro.

Pure happiness.

My doctor didn't really even want me to go. I was just about 28 weeks along -- he said being so remote wasn't the smartest thing. Well I went, and it was worth it. My dad bought a "Relaxation Station" that was just what the doctor ordered... kind of. 

My cute parents - Dad must have just finished with a sweet ski run.

So this happened. Stu and Russ shaved mustaches. No comment.

Me and the G-man. 

These guys have fun together. They were mustache twins. It was gross.

The air chair was a new addition -- I can't wait to try it next year! (Russ's face cracks me up, by the way,)

Can't wait till next year. It's crazy to think I will have two crazy 10 month olds running around. Oh how life will change, but definitely for the better. Thanks mom and dad, another amazing trip to remember!

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Angela Joy said...

Trinity Lake is magical! Next year you will definitely enjoy getting back in the groove again. No worries, I'll watch the babies!