Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A week and a half has gone by since we were admitted to the hospital for preterm labor, and I am just so grateful that these twins decided to wait it out a little longer. We were there from Friday evening till Monday evening -- definitely not the kind of weekend getaway I would have chosen, but it was worth it. I had already progressed quite a bit, leaving the hospital at 2 cm dilated and 80% effaced. However, the ultrasound with the parinatologist showed that the twins were doing awesome, so much so that they were both measuring "ahead of schedule." As of last Monday, baby girl was 5 lb 14 oz and baby boy was 5 lb 4 oz. Such a relief! The doctor released me from the hospital on strict bedrest with continued "hospital behavior" (aka I can't do anything). 

Bedrest has been an adventure. I have been able to remote into work which has been really nice actually. It makes me feel somewhat productive. There has been plenty of TV and movie watching, reading, and online shopping :). I have been completely overwhlemed with the kindness and service we have received from friends and family. The friends in my neighborhood stop by regularly to make sure I'm not going too crazy. My friend took it upon herself to organize weeks worth of meals brought into our home. Last night a friend even came to my house to cut and color my hair -- just the pick-me-up I was needing. And of course, Russ has been the kindest husband and makes sure I'm well taken care of. I know some women have to be on bedrest for months, and my hat goes off to them. It is harder than I would have thought, but again, so worth it.

I will be 35 weeks tomorrow! We are getting to a much safer place and I'm not as worried about the health of the babies should they come early. I probably have about a week or two max until they come. Yikes!

One of the few activities I have allowed myself to perform is making headbands for baby girl! There are plenty more I plan on making, but I think I have a good start for when she comes. Some of the tutorials I referenced include my good friend Sada, here, and here.

I will continue to try to keep this blog updated as we get closer and closer to the twins arriving. I cannot wait for them to come. Life will be very different, but definitely for the better. 

Thank you again to everyone for the calls, texts, visits, and love sent our way. It has meant so much. 


Megan said...

Glad to hear you are hanging in there! I'm excited for your little ones to come!

Candace Lish said...

Oh my goodness just one or two weeks, whaaaa?! Congrats my dear. I hope the remainder of bedrest goes by quickly. It sounds horribly boring to sit still for so long, especially someone as active as you are! I can't wait to see these two sweet babies. They are going to be beautiful! Love you!