Pre-Baby Ramblings

Monday, October 7, 2013

I was going through my "Baby Stuff" Pinterest board a few days ago and I saw this e-card and laughed out loud... again. This is truly how I feel! 

I'm still on bed rest (obviously) but will be 36 weeks on Wednesday. That is a very "average" time for twins to come, so really, these guys could come pretty much any day. And maybe I'm freaking out a bit?

Not in a bad way, don't get me wrong. I want them here more than anything. But how in the world do you begin to prepare for going from "just Russ and I" to parents of TWO newborns? Besides the obvious checklists of 2 cribs, 2 bouncers, diapers upon diapers, clothes for two genders, etc., I don't think you can. I'm pretty much expecting this to be a day-at-a time experience. It will be crazy. It will be exhausting. But I am also positive that it will be amazing. 

It's still very surreal. We bought two Fisher Price Rock n' Plays last week and as I sit on this couch and stare at them set up in the living room it seems so crazy that soon, very soon, my son and daughter will be laying in them. I feel so blessed. It's been quite the year, and I have a feeling that it's only going to get a little crazier from here on out. 

Bring it on!  


Megan said...

Just wanted to say that I have the Rock and Play for Jack and it is AWESOME!!!!!! Best baby purchase I have ever made! Why did I ever have a crib, a pack and play, and a swing all set up in our little townhouse for Lincoln just to sleep in? They are portable, compact and look super comfortable. I'm sure you guys will love them!! :) Excited for you! :)

Kayla Smith said...

I remember having that Rock & Play in our room...then it slowly kept getting pushed further away from my bed, lol. It's insane what noisy sleepers they can be & you'll hear every sound! Good luck! It's SO hard to sit still those last few days. You want your story to be known that you've long anticipated but yet there is a lot of anxiety that comes with it all. The best part will be having Russ by your side. They'll make you more patient, loving & everything else. And I still haven't gotten used to the title of mother! The next phase of life just comes & you roll with it & your world becomes theirs. I was an insane person that first month though, so trust it'll be normal! =)

Sara said...

Rock n Plays are truly amazing. Emery still sleeps in one every night. You're twins are beautiful!