2013, You Were Great.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

2013 was a year of growth - physically (for me at least), literally (we doubled our family!), and figuratively. I learned so much about myself, I grew closer to my Heavenly Father and His plan for me, I learned patience and compassion, and most of all I learned that miracles are real.

The year started with heartbreak and sadness as we had just had a failed IVF cycle (of which we found out the results on Christmas day) and ended in complete joy with our perfect Max and Clara.

Truly, what a difference a year makes. 2014 we are ready for you! I can only imagine the fun, hard, exhausting, amazing times to come!

January - Russ and I did everything in our power to stay positive despite our heartbreak of a failed IVF. We also traveled to Oregon to pay tribute to my amazing Uncle John who passed away from brain cancer. We managed to squeeze in some fun with snowmobiling and other winter activities

February - IVF #2!! Call me determined or impatient, either way I wasn't going to be stopped. Onward and forward! 

March - We found out I was pregnant on March 1st and that we were having twins on March 22nd. What a month! Don't worry, we threw in some house projects, including Russ's handmade kitchen island.

April - My first belly picture! Also took a fun trip to Newport beach with my sister and her family.

May - Natalie was married! Such a beautiful day.

June - Russ and I took a fun trip to New York City to see the National at the Barclays center and do some sight-seeing. This trip was pretty darn exhausting (for being 5 months pregnant with twins), but also a ton of fun. We also found out we were having a boy and a girl (beyond thrilled)!

July - Getting HUGE. It was a hot summer, and I mean HOT. I became increasingly less mobile as these twins rapidly grew inside of me.

August - By far the biggest highlight was meeting and getting a picture with Dave Matthews (definitely a lifelong dream). Our island was officially finished. We also had a fantastic vacation at Trinity Lake with my family.

September - I could barely walk by this month. I went into preterm labor at 33 weeks and was sent to strict bed rest to keep these babies inside!

October - Maxwell John and Clara Evelyn came into this world on the 15th. Best day of my life. (We also finished our laundry room, but who cares about that).

November - Lots of snuggles and sleepless nights with our babies. Couldn't have asked for anything more. So incredibly thankful.

December - We blessed Max and Clara at our church at the beginning of the month and spent Christmas in the Florida Keys (post to come)!

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