Nothing Is More Important

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I heard about this article from my friend Rachel. When I first started reading the article I thought it was a joke. And then when I realized that this girl was so blatantly hating on any woman who wants to be a wife and mother, I felt incredibly sorry for her. Obviously everyone has their different time tables and may be waiting for one or both of these things to come to pass, but to demean such a righteous endeavor with hate and ignorance was shocking. 

Being a wife is such an honor. I can't imagine navigating this life without Russ by my side. And then to be a mother. Geez. Obviously I'm newer to this category, but I literally feel as though my heart has been split into three. 

I read the article last night and couldn't stop thinking about it all day. As I was lathering my babies with moisturizer on the changing table, I kept thinking "nothing is more important than this." Nurturing, comforting and raising these perfect little babies is the most important thing I have ever done. I really am so grateful for this opportunity to mother Max and Clara.  

I'm obsessed with their little feet! They are so cute and chubby. Clara has recently found her feet and is always holding them when she's laying down. It's so dang cute.

By the way, I need to document the fact that we hit a huge milestone a few weeks ago. After 4 months of extreme sleep deprivation (I'm talking getting up 5-6 times a night consistently), Russ and I were desperate enough to make these babies cry-it-out. We had a few incredibly miserable nights, but it paid off! They slept through the night and haven't really gone back! WOOT! Occasionally we will hear them wake up, but they always put themselves back to sleep. Clara has especially loved the schedule and now sleeps a little over 12 hours every night. Oh sleep, we have all missed you. Welcome back! (and please stay?!)


Rachel and Jason said...

Amen, sister! And love those pictures of those sweet babies. Glad to have teammates on the "Mom/Wife" side. Oh, and YES for sleep! Love ya.

rach said...

Yea! So so glad they are sleeping for you!

Jessica Holly said...

I love those photos! It's so nice when they start to sleep!

Andi Fitz said...

Loved this post and I'm so happy you are getting a little more sleep!

Angela Joy said...

You are a wonderful Mother, and it's the best job ever.