Viva Mexico!

Monday, March 17, 2014

We just returned from a week in beautiful and sunny Play del Carmen, Mexico. You may be raising your eyebrows thinking "you took two 5-month-old babies to Mexico?!" I know, it sounds crazy. But we went with Russ's family as a celebration of my wonderful mother-in-law's 60th birthday in her home country. :) We felt so blessed to be able to go, and how do you turn down a trip to Mexico? Needless to say, having the twins made pretty much everything more difficult, but it was still a lovely week in a warm and tropical location!

Clara and Max, lounging poolside with their beverage of choice. :)
Just for the record, this is one of my new favorite pictures of all time.

Clara with her Aunts Marcella and Natalie and adoring cousin Lucy. 

Hangin' with my girl.

The birthday girl and two of her grandsons (Benny and Max). This picture just exudes happiness. Max was hamming it up. I love his little face.

Both babies swam for the first time. Max was really unsure about the whole ordeal. He had this face pretty much the whole time we had him near the water. Hopefully he warms up to the idea for this summer. :)

Max and Russ chillin' at the pool. I love his belly and low-riding swimsuit. Haha.

I mean, look at those faces.

Our little family of 4!

Laying in the hammock was probably one of my biggest highlights of the trip. So relaxing. I love how relaxed my two men look in the picture. 

One day we left the resort and went to a place called Xel-Ha, which was a fun park where you could zip-line, snorkel, swim with dolphins, etc. It was gorgeous.

We were very ready to come home and get these babies back to their schedule (it's crazy how much they get messed up when they leave their routine), but dang, I already miss that beautiful weather and scenery Mexico has to offer! Thanks again to Russ's parents for that amazing trip of a lifetime!


Jessy Carlisle said...

Oh Camille! They are getting cuter and cuter everyday. I'm so glad you got to celebrate Argelia... and it's not crazy to take them to Mexico. Henry is a week old and he's already been all over Miami. Live it up while they can't crawl/walk. Love your little family. You guys are the cutest!

Jessica Holly said...

This looks like such a dream!! I'm glad you guys got to go. It seems like it's always worth it even if the babies get a little out of whack! You have such a beautiful family!

Angela Joy said...

Darling pictures. Just look at the wonderful memories you are making as a family. These are travelin' babies, for sure. Love it.

Reeve family said...

We love Xel-ha too! Your family is adorable!!!

Ashton + Brian said...

I LOVE these pics!!!! I'm so glad you are a flexible mom and don't panic to vacation. You need a break! I'm sure it was nice to have extra hands. Clara and Max are traveling pros now!

I've heard lot's about Xel-Ha and regret not going last time we were there! Dang.