6 Months!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My babies are 6 months old now! It's amazing. I love them more than I ever thought possible.

In preparation for twins, I frequently heard "if you can make it through the first year of life, you are good to go!" or something to that effect. So, I guess I can give myself a pat on the back and let out a big sigh of relief. It really has been a blur. Those first 3-4 months of life were a bit touch and go at times (i.e. extremely hard), and then around 5 months I felt like I was coming up for air a bit. And now at 6 months, albeit still hard at times, the days are so much more manageable. Naps are starting to form (hallelujah!), they are more content entertaining themselves for longer periods so I can actually attend to one without the other just screaming or crying on the side, and they go to bed at 6 or 6:30, which gives us a good 3 or 4 hours to ourselves. NO, they still don't automatically have the same napping schedule, which usually means I don't get a break all day, but like I said, that is so much more doable knowing after 6:30 I can have a moment to myself. 

Technicalities aside, sometimes I feel like my heart is ready to explode with two little perfect babies smiling up at me and coo'ing to their hearts content. I love having two babies, and now I really can't imagine it any other way!

At their 6 month check-ups, Max was 18 lb 11 oz and Clara was 17 lb 4 oz, both in the 70% for weight, 90% for height, and Max was literally off the charts for head circumference. :) Haha. Sorry kid, you had to see that coming with the gene pool you were coming from. 

Max's smile can light up a room. He is such a jolly baby! Now that their personalities are really starting to shine through, I have a hunch he is going to be a little quirky, funny boy. The facial expressions he throws my way crack me up. Sometimes he just starts dancing/shaking back and forth while laying on the ground in complete silence. He has the music in his head. :) He has also been a great eater with solids! Thank goodness, because I sure am not loving this new process.

And then how does that face not melt your heart?! This picture may be my favorite of Clara. She has these big puppy dog eyes and chubby cheeks that pretty much have Russ and I wrapped around her little finger. She is such a good sleeper, loves to hang upside down and giggle, and of course, play with her toes all day long. She is a really content and easy baby, but is also ready to be on the move! She is always wanting to check out her surroundings and sit up. Max, on the other hand, is pretty content just chilling. :)

So there you go. 6 months down, eternity to go!


Laura said...

Oh my gosh, that last picture of Clara! THE CUTEST!! And I love those little cards, where are they from?

Angela Joy said...

These darling babies have wonderful parents. You're both really lucky!