The Master Bedroom

Sunday, April 6, 2014

I have been updating our master bedroom over the last year or so, and I feel like it is finally complete. That word, complete, is one Russ anticipates hearing with every room in our house. I'm sure I'll update it over the years or so, but for now, it is complete. (see what I did there?) :)

It's interesting because it's not like I started thinking "hmmm, I want to decorate the master bedroom." Everything somehow has just come together slowly over the last 4 1/2 year of our marriage. It's slightly miraculous that it works. 

My Christmas present was a new bed. I have talked about the "Colette Bed" from Crate & Barrel for years, so imagine my shock and surprise when Russ actually surprised me with it! We had an Ikea wood frame bed, which we both pretty much hated. I enjoy sitting up and reading in bed, which was super uncomfortable, but now I could hang out here all day. And sometimes the babies and I do! Haha. 

The pillows are from Caitlin Wilson Textiles that I bought second-hand from a friend of a friend. (Unfortunately that color is no longer available). The duvet and sheets are from West Elm. After years of hunting them down, I finally found the sheets at Downeast Home, a local discount home store. 

The starburst mirror is from Target. It replaced a homemade shelf we had made years ago. That link also shows the Ikea bed and our hand-me-down bedside tables before they were painted white. Because people have asked, our walls are painted Cliffside Grey by Benjamin Moore. It's the perfect GREY - not warm, not cool, just grey. I love it. 

Another reason I have always loved our room is the view. We sure love that river and those mountains.
The clear lamps, lamp shades and frame are also from Target. Oh Target, you suck so much of my money.

One update that I actually really love are the DIY curtain rods. I applied some gold rub n' buff to cheap $7 Ikea curtain rods using this method. I wanted them to match the mirror and was pleasantly surprised by how much I love them. The curtains are from - you guessed it - Target, that I picked up on clearance almost 2 years ago.  

And finally, I put the pictures and art that used to be above our bed in a cascading pattern around our sitting chair. It was nice that I didn't have to buy a single piece of art or frame! I did, however, apply some more rub n' buff to that bottom frame to tie it in with the curtain rod. The sitting chair is actually a dining chair we had bought from World Market about a year ago. It ended up being too big for our table and we put in our room to put shoes on, etc. 

So that's our master bedroom. I really have loved all of the updates we've made. It's such a peaceful and calming space to call our own!


Jessica Holly said...

I love those curtain rods!!

Jessica Holly said...

I love those curtain rods!!

Laura said...

It looks beautiful, you did a really great job. I am jealous of all your natural light!

Ashton + Brian said...

Oh my gosh. Beautiful room with a beautiful view! You're my inspiration. Our master is always the thing I let go first.

Ps Target, hollaaaa!