"You're Doing OK, Mom"

Friday, April 25, 2014

I think I saw this going around social media, but I never watched it. Until this morning.

I had just gotten Max down for his morning nap (after much resistance) and moved on to feeding Clara some pureed pears. Oh the joys of "solids." After she sneezed Pear bits all over my face and I was in the middle of trying to get the same spoonful in her mouth for the 4th time, this commercial came on in the background. I stopped my attempts for a second and watched.

And cried, of course.

Whew. That one played to my emotions. But seriously, sometimes I wonder what my babies think about me. Am I messing up? Do they get enough attention? (This really is something I've struggled with from the beginning with the whole "having two babies at once" thing). Do they know how much I love them? One time when voicing these thoughts to someone they said to me "don't worry, you are the only thing they know. If you mess up they have nothing to base it off of!" Ha. Thank goodness for that. 

Mothers really are amazing, huh? I've learned so much just in my 6 months of motherhood, one of which is how much I love my own Mom. It really does come full circle, doesn't it?

Anyway, this is all just a bit of rambling on this Friday afternoon. Pull out some tissues. This is good.


Lindsay Nielson said...

I don't know why I assumed you weren't blogging anymore. I am so happy you are, your kids are so lucky to have you and Russ every single second of their adorable lives. Xo

Angela Joy said...

Thanks kiddo for the shout out. That commercial is beautiful. You're doing more than OK. Clara and Max are very lucky to have you guys as parents. Love you all.

Jessy Carlisle said...

Oh my goooosh!! Pulling at my heart strings. I feel you girlfriend... I wonder all the time if I'm doing a good job, especially since Henry still is so little and doesn't really interact, he just cries:) This was so perfect and cute. Thanks for sharing. Love you!!!