7 Months!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The babies are 7 months! I'm pretty sure they are getting cuter by the day, but I know I am biased. Both can roll over now (finally!), but sitting up is still hit or miss. Mostly a "miss," like today when I turned around for a second and Max toppled over for a nice, loud "thud" on his poor little big head. Oops. They are chunking out like crazy, but I looooove it. I can't get enough of those rolls and chubby cheeks. They love all fruits, and Max loves his peas. Bath time is still the funnest thing on the planet. Bedtime is 6:30, and the babies sure like it that way (probably as much as mom and dad!). Goodness,  we sure love our babies.

Max is wearing his "Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit" which really was magical. As soon as we put him in it he would smile. It's like he knew a good night's sleep was on its way. We have started transitioning out of it, however, since the warm weather makes for a sweaty little baby! :)

My mom is an incredible seamstress and has "whipped up" some fun coordinating outfits for the twins. I took a moment to capture these particular outfits and loved seeing their little personalities shine in these pictures.

She thinks it's so fun to topple over on her brother. 

I love this cheesy boy. 

 Capturing a Clara giggle on camera is like gold. I hit the jackpot this day!


Angela Joy said...

Oh goodness me! These pictures are soooo cute. Max is a charmer and Clara is so beautiful. Although I'm a wee bit sad they are growing up, it's so fun seeing them change and become their own little person. Love them so much.

Andi Fitz said...

Can't believe they are 7 months! They are adorable! And I love that we are still on the good ol' blogging train. :) Seems like there are very few of us left these days, but I'm not going to stop hopefully forever. It's so nice to be able to look back and see what Boston was doing at Brody's age now! You'll be glad you documented these cuties. I hope I can see you when I come to UT. You live right by my sister! I'll also be doing the American Fork half June 21, so I'll be down by you that day!