Sunday, June 29, 2014

Max and Clara had their first adventure at the playground this last weekend. This was the first of many playground adventures to come, so of course it had to be documented. I really love the picture below for some reason. It was a quick moment in time. I love their hats, their chubby legs and dimpled hands, the draped arms over the swing - all of it.

Sometimes Max will flash this smile at me and it cracks me up. It's like he's saying "hey mom! Just hangin' out on this swing with my twin sister. Life is pretty great, huh?

Yes, Max. Life is pretty great.

For some reason I couldn't quite capture Clara's smile on the swing, even though she was loving it. But who could miss those thunder thighs? Mmmm. I could just squeeze them.

Both Max and Clara have also been loving when we play the guitar or piano with them. I'm still loving the idea of a family band. 

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Jessy Carlisle said...

Oh my goodness Camille... I love your cute little family!!!