We're Floored

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

That title is a bad joke, but whatever. We've been crazy, crazy busy these last few weeks while we redid our floors on the main level of our house. I'm tired. Russ is tired. My knees are still recovering and I'm still finding dust in areas of the house I swear I have dusted 3 times already. I haven't taken any "after pictures," but I just thought I would check in to explain my lame blogging status. 

Tiredness. That is the explanation. 

While documenting Max eating his beloved peas I did capture a bit of the floor. We went lighter after many, many people told us darker wood is harder to keep clean. I also tend to always go lighter than darker with things in my house. So far, I absolutely love it. Do not fret - a more thorough post is on it's way.

And while I'm on here I need to include one of my most favorite pictures to date. This girl has stolen our hearts. I love seeing the cute bond between her and her daddy. This was taken after church on Sunday while Max was asleep. Sometimes I try to keep them on the same nap schedule, but other times I don't mind when they are a bit off. It gives us one-on-one time with each baby, which is definitely a novelty with twins! We'll take it when we can. :)

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Rachel and Jason said...

Glad to see you're back! Cute babies.