Hello, We're 10 Months!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What?! My babies are getting so big! They have little individual personalities and quirks and are rearing to get moving. Clara figured out crawling about 3 days after these pictures were taken, and Max will be moving any day. Both Max and Clara have two little bottom teeth, and I can tell some top teeth are coming soon. We hear lots of baby talk and giggles between the two, as well as twice the amount of melt downs. :) But truly, they are really good babies who love sticking to their schedule. Sleep schedules are bittersweet - super sweet when you are able to stick to them, a little bitter when "life" gets in the way. 

I am loving each new month - it's so fun to get to hang out with my little buddies every day. They crack me up, and I could not love them any more! 

On a side note, my favorite sweatshirt for the last few years has been from Hello Apparel. So when I saw they were having a huge sale a few months ago I couldn't resist picking up some matching onesies. And now for a picture overload!

I wish Clara was in focus, because I totally love this picture. 

Baby feet. mmmm mmmm.

I love those two little teeth!

Her eyes melt me every time!

And pretty much every photo session ends up with one of them falling over. :)

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