Sunny San Diego

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Last week we packed Russ's truck full with baby gear and luggage and drove the 11 hours west to San Diego. We spent a lovely week with Russ's extended family - 51 people at one house! Luckily it was a huge mansion that could accommodate everyone. It really was such a great week seeing family from near and far. It's amazing how everyone from the entire Lewis side of the family comes to the reunion (one family even came from Thailand!). It was a blast. 
We tried out taking the twins to the beach. It was fun to see them get excited about the waves and the sand, but other than the 15-20 minutes where those two things were enjoyed, the rest of the affair was incredibly exhausting and, needless to say, we did not go back. :) Maybe next year when they will actually be excited about being there. Luckily the house we were at had a beautiful pool (which the babies love) so even if we stayed put we still had fun. 

I sure love those chubby beach babies.

Like I mentioned, the pool was a hit. Those babies could have floated around in there all day, every day. Too bad our house doesn't have a pool in the backyard. :)

Russ is absolutely obsessed with the beach. I mean, look at that happy face!

We even brought our new bike trailer out to go for some family bike rides. The babies are still getting used to being in there. We have yet to have a ride where one of them doesn't end in tears. Hopefully they get used to it soon!!

This picture is deceiving, because usually Clara is the bully. :)

... and swings. They love swings. 

All in all, it was a great week in Sunny San Diego with family!

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