White and Bright Kitchen!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

The final big house update we've recently finished is taking our kitchen cabinets from dark, dark brown to bright white! Oh, how I love it! When we were house shopping I had to accept that a white kitchen simply did not exist in my price range! I didn't necessarily hate the dark, espresso brown cabinets, but white kitchens have, and will forever be, my favorite. 

Well 3 years later it finally came to life! I have my good friend, Kali, to thank. She paints cabinets as a side business and does such a good job at it. She was able to spray our kitchen while we were in San Diego in July and coming home to a white kitchen was the best welcome-home-present ever! I had read and researched painting cabinets for a long time, but was so scared to actually attempt it. I just didn't feel like I could have made them look professional! Kali used a lacquer paint (which gives it the smoothest, professional feel) and a matte finish. I'm so glad we deferred to someone who knew paint a lot more than I did. And quite honestly, our floor project about did us in! We were not in the mood to attempt another huge overhaul project. 

Needless to say, I'm in love! It's so bright and cheery and ties the island we added into the original cabinets so much better than before. It's like a whole new house! I can now honestly tell Russ that we are "DONE" with the kitchen. (Those are words he has been wanting to hear for a long time!)

From the back door

As I mentioned earlier, I think painting the rest of the cabinets white really helps the island look more original to the kitchen!

Oh, and just for effect, here is a before picture. This was after we installed the island, but you can see the white tile that was there before we redid the floors:

Finally, this is the view from coming in from the garage/laundry room

For more info on some of the details in the kitchen:


Reeve family said...

Love it!

Laura said...

Your house looks SO good! I love it all and am inspired by all your awesome DIY projects. Seriously, it looks amazing.

Lindsay Nielson said...

Oh my friend! I love it! It's magical. For reals. Oh lalal!

two guys and two girls said...

I am looking into doing this in my kitchen. Do you mind me asking how much this cost, roughly?

Camille said...

Well it totally depends! As I mentioned in the post, I went with a friend who does this kind of thing, which was obviously cheaper than a professional company. I also did a lot of the taping off and prep work which saved a few hundred dollars. We spent about $800 not including paint (which was about $125?). I had gotten a few bids a few years ago and they were averaging about $1500 - $2000 for just labor. So I would definitely price shop, ask about a discount if you do some taping off and what not, and get lots of bids! Good luck!