On the Move!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Life has hit a whole new level of crazy these days. We have two crawlers on our hands! Clara started crawling about a month ago, but Max and no interest to move. He preferred sitting :) ... until this last week, that is. He finally figured it out, and now life is crazy x2!! Right now the twins are so much fun, but are more physically demanding than ever before. They still can't really move anywhere by themselves (ie: into the car, out of car, up the stairs, down the stairs, etc.) but I'm constantly chasing after them to keep them out of trouble. We all end the day tuckered out! It's a good thing they are so dang cute :) 

Silly me for thinking I could get two crawlers to sit still for their 11-month photo shoot! Even though I didn't get the shot I wanted, I kind of love this blurry picture I captured. Just a glimpse into life with 11-month twins. :)

We're finding babies under tables, chairs, and anything else you can imagine.

.... case in point. But how can you resist a cute face like this?

or this? 

And I will end this post with one of my favorite pictures yet. The babies love bath time, especially in a sink. I just love this "moment in time." 

Now if only time would slow down...


Rachel and Jason said...

Love, love, love that last pic! Hard to believe they're almost a year. It's not even fair, is it?

Jessica Holly said...

Crawling is crazy! I still remember how much it rocked my world...the good news is it's actually a relief when they start walking- then at least they aren't always wanting to touch the dirty floors everywhere!

Angela Joy said...

Great photos kiddo. Bella and I are totally loving "your eye." You capture these gorgeous babies beautifully. Love them so much!

Laura said...

Love Clara's polka-dot overalls and wavy hair. They are both just so so cute!

Laura said...
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