The "other" nursery

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

You may remember the Gender Neutral Twin nursery I made for Max and Clara before they were born. I love, love, love this room - it truly was a labor of love. I worked so hard to make a calming, peaceful room made for two different genders (not an easy task, trust me!). After our babies started getting older, it became obvious that having Max and Clara share a room was not the ideal situation. Max is just not a good sleeper (sigh...) and I didn't feel it was fair to Clara to always get woken up by her brother. It was stressful for everyone! We had Max in a pack n' play in the guest bedroom for a really long time until I finally conceded and just moved his crib permanently. I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little mad about this! We lost our guest bedroom and I worked so hard on their nursery... now I had to make a whole new room for that little stinker! Haha. Well, luckily it soon became a fun design endeavor that I actually really enjoyed. 

I present Max's "other" nursery:

My main goal with this room was to try and use what I had around the house and not spend too much money. For instance, the curtain rod was an old black rod that I spray painted gold. That chair is actually a dining chair from World Market we bought on clearance a few years ago. And we've had that bookshelf since we moved into our house (a random lucky find from the online classifieds). I just gave it a new life with some bright paint! This bright green is way out of my decorating comfort zone, but I love the result. It's "Once Upon a Time" by Benjamin Moore, matched at Sherwin Williams. Here's the before:

And the after!

The lamp used to be in our bedroom (from Target a few years ago). The gold "M," whicker baskets, hexagon box and feather print are all from Hobby Lobby. The diamond basket used for diapers is from Home Goods.

I used most of the same art from his collage in the first nursery. The "woodland creatures" print is from the Painted Arrow. The rug, curtains, tan pillow and yellow storage ottoman are all from Target. :)

And how can I not mention the fun triangle wall?!? I love this wall. The lovely people at Walls Need Love hooked me up with these 2" triangle decals after I used their circle decals in the first nursery. I love their products, and their service is amazing! I would recommend Walls Need Love to anyone. Check them out! Getting those triangles perfectly aligned took more time than I expected, but the OCD in me had to have every triangle straight and perfectly spaced. 

The deer head is from Hobby Lobby. I was going to buy it from an online shop, but found a black one at Hobby Lobby for more than half the price. Spray paint is my friend!

 So there you have it! Max's new space. I really have loved this little project and love his cozy little space. I'm pretty sure he loves it too :)

Now can you just sleep better, Max?! Thanks in advance, buddy! 

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Angela Joy said...

Wow Kiddo! It looks fabulous. I love the green shelves (and the stuff you put on them) and the deer head is the best! Pretty cute kid too.