Clara's Room... Girlified!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

After we took Max out of the original Nursery, I wanted to make the room a little more "girly" since it was now exclusively Clara's room. We brought the bench up from the entryway which automatically girlified the wall where Max used to sleep. I blew up one of my favorite pictures of the two of them together, spray painted an old frame my mom gave me, and made a felt ball garland. 

The handmade dolls were Christmas presents from Green Stitches, a local shop that has the cutest dolls. I've been wanting to get one for Clara for a while, and was on the fence about getting a boy doll for Max. As I was going through the dolls she had sitting out, I looked down at the tag on this little boy and his name was "MAX"! It was meant to be. Right now Max could care less about the doll, so they are both residing on Clara's bench since she has already fallen in love with them. It's pretty cute. 

You may or may not recognize the polka dot pillow... I used remaining fabric from Clara's dress I made her this summer to make the pillow. 

The felt balls are from the Felt Pod on Etsy. I just strung them together with some string. Easy peasy!

So there ya go. Nothing big, just some quick updates that were pretty much free! Can't complain about that!

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