Bike, Horses and Shuffles

Sunday, February 1, 2015

So many times throughout the day I am reminded that Max and Clara are two little humans with personalities, opinions and quirks just like the rest of us. Clara loves riding on these little "big wheels" that our neighbor gave us. Even though her legs can't reach the pedals, she still gets so excited to be outside on them. Good thing we've had some warm January days!

Does this pose remind anyone else of those cheesy school pictures from elementary school? 

And life is so much better now that we have this moment captured. I just love her facial expressions. Wildest baby in the west!

Clara is walking by now, but Max is still "shuffling," aka walking on his knees. We call him the Shuffler. I've always known Max is a quirky little baby, and this is just yet another confirmation of that! I have seen him walk with my own eyes, but he prefers his knees. Ya know, whatever Max. I can't force you to do anything. :) Silly boy.