Happy Easters!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

It's true what they say - kids make holidays so much more fun! I was excited to get the twins a few new goodies and toys. The looks on their faces were priceless and everything I was hoping for! The tunnel has been the biggest hit. 

Russ is pretty excited about the tunnel as well :)

We also had a fun easter egg bath session!

My mom hosted a fun Easter dinner and Easter egg hunt. I wasn't sure how the "hunt" would go with two 18 month olds, but they sure were excited about the idea of finding candy in these plastic goldmines! Clara got really into finding eggs, while Max decided to work smarter and not harder by staying in place and letting the eggs come to him! Haha! He sure is a quirky, funny boy and I love him so much.

He's walking! This is a REALLY big deal. It's still not 100%, but every time I see him walk and not shuffle on his knees my heart is so happy.

Eating candy like it's her job. "WHY have you been depriving me of this goodness?!"

Grandpa Brent has a thing for dirt bikes. Max can't wait till he can take one for a ride!

The night ended with a special visit from the Easter Bunny (aka Aunt Natty). Seriously, these babes are super lucky to have such an awesome Aunt. Clara loved it, Max was indifferent. :)

Happy Easter everyone. In all seriousness, the baskets and bunnies are nothing compare to the real reason for the holiday - celebrating our Savior and the miracle of the resurrection. I am so grateful for Him. This video is one of my favorites. Watch if you would like. 


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