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Thursday, April 9, 2015

This post is not meant for "pity," more for documentation of one of the craziest/hardest months our little family has had. I am so grateful for good health, because the times when we don't have good health sure are hard. Max and Clara had little colds for about two weeks. During this time we actually suspected Max had an ear infection, but it wasn't easily detectable due to too much fluid. Then Clara started getting a really high fever one Saturday night. By Sunday morning she had a fever of 105, blue lips and was shaking. We rushed her to Urgent Care. After running a few tests they sent us home and told us to watch her fever. By Monday afternoon she was inconsolably screaming for hours at a time. At that point I was seriously concerned and my mom-tuition told me to go to the ER. We spent 5 hours there, and ran just about every test possibly - including a CAT scan. That may have been one of my least favorite moments. She was sedated, but still awake, and I hated seeing her look so checked out. The doctor's finally found pneumonia after the CAT scan. Two days later her blood tests also revealed a blood infection. After a follow up interview they also noticed her ears were healing from a double ear infection. Oh, and 4 teeth were coming in. POOR CLARA!

Meanwhile Max was getting fussier and fussier and I was nervous he also had pneumonia since they share just about everything. We went to the doctor, where to no surprise he also had a double ear infection. After 6 days of antibiotics his ears were still draining. We went BACK to the doctor and he needed a rocephin shot since the oral antibiotics were not working - so this meant going to the doctor three days in a row for three separate shots. Fun times.

7 doctor/urgent care/ER visits in the span of 10 days. 

In addition, both Russ and I did not remain unscathed. Sickness all around. On top of that Russ has had a new job position (which we are super grateful for) but has led to a lot of extra work hours, stress and all that jazz.

And that is all for now. We've had a rough 3-4 weeks, but luckily, there really is no where to go but up! :)

I am so grateful for my little family and doctors and medicine. They are my whole world, and seeing them get so sick makes my heart break. 

We have an appointment with an ENT to start the process of getting tubes for Max, so hopefully he will be much more comfortable! He is such a sweet boy. I love him so.

... and luckily this little girl of mine is back to her happy self. That smile melts me!

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Reeve family said...

So sorry you had a touch few weeks of sickness. It really does make you feel so blessed when your healthy! Beckham got tubes in both ears when he was 8 months. He had 5 bad ear infections in 3 months. He hasn't had any since and the surgery went smoothly.