Silver Lake

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Ahhhh... how things have changed with children (obvious statement of the day).

Russ and I have always loved camping/hiking/etc. We took the twins hiking with us for the first time yesterday to start off our Memorial Day weekend. Russ had given me a nice Deuter brand hiking backpack from ebay for Mother's Day and we were excited to give it a try (it rocks, by the way). After packing up half our house, loading up the truck with car seats and toys and sippy cups, pacifying screaming babies as we off-roaded on some dirt road up to Silver Lake, we were finally on our way. 

It. Was. Beautiful. 

Getting out in nature is always such a refreshing change of pace. The babies even love it. The trail we were doing was only 2 miles up, 2 miles back. After what seemed like quite a while we checked to see our progress - .6 mile. Oh my. 

Babies starting getting restless in the backpacks. 

Backs were getting sore. (we have big babies after all)

We finally made the decision to turn around at about a mile. My goodness! Everything takes so much longer/is way harder hauling two 19 month babies up a mountain! Even though it felt like a bit of a failure, we still had a great time, escaped into nature, and got off the mountain without any tears or injuries. So, by golly, I call our first hike with the babies a success! Next time we may just do a less steep hike :)

Utah, you are beautiful. The end.

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