San to the Diego

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Russ's cousin Aly got married in San Diego (and what a gorgeous wedding that was!), so we decided to make a trip of it and stayed 3-4 extra days. We rented a little house close to the beach and spent our days taking it easy and doing whatever we wanted. The family time was just what we needed.

San Elijo Lagoon. Max was a fan. 

Hotel Del Coronado. Best beach ever! Someday I will stay in that beautiful hotel and not just bum off the perfectly manicured beach. 

Obivously Clara was also a fan (haha!!!). Should I be concerned she already knows how to post up on the beach like this?!?

Deep conversations in front of the hotel. 

Clara LOVED the beach. Loved loved loved it. She also loved getting in and out of the hole her and Russ built, but once Russ started putting sand back in the hole and "burying her" she made it known that she was no longer a fan. 

I have been told Clara has the perfect cartoon-style crying face. We have lots of these pictures. :)

If I had to push a stroller on the beach to get babies to sleep every day I would not be sad. 

This girl and her zebra melt my heart every day. Also, the humidity of San Diego made her hair even more amazing. (I seriously didn't comb it the whole time). 

This goofy, sweet boy also has my heart. 

Sand everywhere. Double Bob for the win. 

Max is a hardcore Daddy fan, but how could you not be?!

Water shoes left to dry. Not a bad life. 
Thank you San Diego for a great time. We will be back. 

Summer is here, and it's going to be good.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

After a long morning of running errands with fussy babies, nap time is here and I should be productive and starting to pack for our road trip. Instead I'm choosing to procrastinate and update the blog with yet more pictures of my babies. 

Summer has hit in full force. I can already tell this summer is going to be so much fun, especially compared to last summer. I still had two small babies that couldn't do... well... anything. I'm loving that we are down to one nap and that Max and Clara love water, the park and the museum at Thanksgiving Point. I love being out with them and watching them experience the world. 

It seems lately that they are starting to play with each other a little better than they have in the past. When Max is sad Clara will bring his bear over to him, or when Clara is crying Max will bring her binkie and put it right in her mouth. Not every moment is idyllic, but I can tell they are little buddies. I love my babies.

This tether ball game was sooooooo intense. ;)

I love this cheesy boy's smile. He loves sliding down this tube on his belly. He chuckles every time.


This was Clara running to the playground with so much intensity and excitement she wiped out only seconds after the picture was taken and scraped her knee :(  She doesn't let life pass her by, that's for sure!

Clara found my longboard the other day and was in heaven scooting herself along the sidewalk.

Little boys in tank tops. My favorite.

Summer is here!

The Lewis Twin Piano Show

Obviously all kids love pianos - it's a loud and big piece of furniture and they can bang their little hearts out. Lately, however, they have both been loving sitting on the bench together and I'll hear them giggling and playing their little hearts out. It makes me so, so so happy. My dream is to have two little piano players that still love sitting together on the piano bench 10, 20 or 30 years down the road.

A mom can dream, right? 

This might be the silliest little face I've ever seen.