A week at the Lake

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Alright, alright. This is the last of our summer "travelogue." 

But you get it - these family trips just need to get documented. It's been a fun summer with lots of family, and time at the lake, which is as I've said my happy place! I love it so much. McCall, Idaho is one of the most beautiful lake towns ever. Lots of evergreen trees and lake vibes. It was a great week.

Benny and Lucy jumping off the boat! This picture just screams "CHILDHOOD"!!!

Clara is so lucky to have such a doting older cousin. Lucy was so sweet to Clara.

Not a bad life, Mr. Max.

Our cousin Milly running down the deck!

The toddler gang.

My niece Fran has the best rolls EVER. I'm obsessed with her!

Cute Lucy in her flower/braided crown in front of one of the gorgeous sunsets we witnessed

Clara and her hat. They are best friends.

"born together, friends forever"

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