Sunday, October 18, 2015

We made it 2 years! Hooray!! Can I go and take a nap now? 

For real, these have been 2 very long years. A lot of people say "I can't believe they are already 2!" and I kind of think in my head "are they ONLY 2?" This isn't saying we haven't enjoyed the last two years, they have just been very, very exhausting. These little crazies keep us on our toes pretty much every minute of every day. To any twin mom out there who may be reading this (well let's be honest, if ANYONE reads this blog anymore), I would like to say it gets better.... so so so much better. I enjoy Max and Clara more and more each day. I love seeing their personalities flourish and their little minds learn new things. I love watching them discover the world around them. Most of all, I love being their mom! 

Max is such a sweet and loving boy. He is so gentle and such a kind soul. Sometimes we try to encourage him to fight back with Clara... "Max! Take back what is yours!" We have been working with a speech therapist and his talking is getting a lot better - most of all he tries. His sleeping has improved a lot from last year when he and I would have some epic battles around nap and bedtime. I would say overall he is still my "harder" of the two. He just needs a lot more attention, especially in public places. He really, really likes to be around me all day and still doesn't go off and play on his own, even when we are at home. I know this is a phase and that eventually I will be desperately wanting him to stop running away so fast. I try to remember this in those frustrating moments when all he wants is for me to hold him. He loves cars, trains, his teddy bear, pizza, slides, riding his tricycle on the back patio, rocks and holding my hand as we walk on the trail. He also loves his daddy and usually prefers for Russ to put him to bed. Despite this recent preference, he will always be my little boy, and I love him so much. 

Clara has been so, so so much fun lately. Her communication has really picked up and it's so fun hearing the new words she will learn each day. She sings little songs all day long and loves to have fun dance parties (favorite song is Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars). She obviously loves Minions and the movie Cars. She is a little bully, and continues to boss her little brother around (as mentioned above). She seems to think she has the upper hand in their relationship, which has been since their creation while she was dancing on his head the full 9 months in my belly. I wonder if it will always be this way. Clara is still the best sleeper around, and I am so grateful for that! She loves helping around the house by "folding laundry," being in the garden, raking leaves, etc. It's so cute to see her mimic us in our daily tasks. She still loves her bottle and binkie... which we will need to work on soon. She loves her stuffed animals, puzzles, and her new play kitchen. She's kind of on a mommy kick right now, which I really don't mind. I love that she loves me! We are completely in love with our sweet, sassy, curly-headed girl!

And now on to a new phase of having two 2-year-olds! Prayers on our behalf will be greatly appreciated. :)

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