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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

I have to get all of these pictures on this blog. 

Every day as I put these two little crazies to bed I want to bottle everything up and keep it forever. I want to remember the smells, the giggles, cuddles, hand holding, tantrums (haha), spilled food, constant messes, slobbery kisses, new words, ALL OF IT. 

I LOVE this stage. Everyone says the "terrible twos," but so far 2 has been my very favorite age. Yes, yes, we have more tantrums and time-outs and toddler moments than one can even imagine. But all of these moments become so insignificant during story time, playing hide-and-seek, and getting cute, silly grins all day long. 

I'm just a sappy mom getting all sappy, so I'll leave you with some of my favorite pictures from the last few months... and then I'll go stare at my babies while they sleep. 

I'm scared for when this will be recreated at age 16!
I love this picture. So much.
The "cheeeeeeeeese" face has begun! 
.... but is compensated by cute giggly smiles like this!
A spontaneous hug from behind!
Always, always running.
This boy. He melts me DAILY. We have made such great strides with his communication. Around his 2 year birthday we were having a LOT of rough days... but my goodness, he has been bringing the charm lately. I mean look at that face.
And then this girl just has us wrapped around her little finger. She is sweet, sassy, smart and so much fun. 
And she looks like this in the mornings.... HAHA!!
Russ brought this ball back from a business trip. It's the simple things that bring joy!
And finally, one of their favorite games of late has been the "sleeping game." Clara's really bringing her "A game" here. These two little people crack me up. They are my whole world! 

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