Wednesday, April 13, 2016

I adore these pictures that were taken within the last week. It's really, really hit me how painfully FAST time is flying by. My two little babies are turning into two little people, with (strong) opinions and (big) personalities. I looooooove everything about these personalities and opinions (most of the time), but I just can't seem to quite soak everything in until another big change seems to catch me off guard. 

What? You say "no" to me now!?!?
Since when can you shoot a basketball like a pro? (Like seriously, he can swoosh them 10 times in a row!)
Oh, now you are going to go ahead and speak full sentences? 
You do summersaults?!? How fun!
You want to walk ALONE?! Don't you need me to do everything for you?

It's a daily thing. Change, growth, another "first-time-for-this" or "first-time-for-that." I love being a mother, and I am so grateful to witness the beautiful growing up my little twins seem to be doing. I just wish it could happen a little big slower. Kapeesh?